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Lucrative Business To Business

buy a businessIf you are truly serious and committed to owning your own business, you owe it to yourself to explore the possibility of being appointed a Fleet Services International Dealer.

Our dealerships provide their clients (corporations, business, and governments) the necessary service of maintaining their fleets of vehicles (cars and trucks) in a very unique method, saving them money and increasing their efficiency of operations.

Unique Methodology

 Fleet Services International, High Demand, Low CompetitionDealerships are squarely centered in an industry second in annual revenues only to the food industry. Our revenues consist entirely of the dollars necessary to maintain and repair trucks and automobiles in order to keep them running.

As a Dealer you will compete head-on with all players in this huge market, and have the enormous advantage of delivering premium services to your clients while operating with a mere fraction of the traditional fixed overhead.

Recession Resistant

Fleet Services International - Recession Resistant Given a choice, most people would rather be part of a business that is needed in good times or bad, up markets or down markets, a growing economy or shrinking economy. Our Dealers perform a service that reacts slowly or not at all to downturns in economic activity.

In fact, as economic conditions tighten, companies look for ways to save money, and as a Dealer, you will be perfectly positioned to show them how. Conversely, when business activity picks up, more activity creates increased demand, opening up more opportunities for expansion.

No Experience Needed to buy Fleet Services International Business

Low Competition

Typically, vehicle maintenance is today managed in many companies in an informal, loosely managed manner, opening the door to waste, neglected vehicles, over-priced services and uneven quality. In fact, this competition is no competition at all.

High Demand

The need for competent, affordable, attentively managed maintenance far exceeds supply and availability. As a Dealer you will be in a unique and ideal position to fulfill this demand.

Non-Retail 5 Day Work Week

Unlike retail businesses tied to a retail location, our Dealers have total control of their business days and hours. Typically, they keep the usual business hours of industrial companies, 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, and are closed on holidays.

Fleet Services International Dealerships

FSI Dealerships now operate all across the U.S.A. - border to border and coast to coast with many excellent territories still available. While in some local areas mechanics attempt to provide on-site maintenance, they cannot match the professional expertise and breadth of our services to national, regional and local clients in markets accross the USA.

Make Your Dream a Reality

If your goal is to own your own business, you have these choices:

(1) Buy an existing business and pay for assets plus a multiple of future years earnings.

(2) Become a franchisee and pay enormous franchise fees with forever continuing royalties.

(3) Hang up your sign and accept the risks and uncertainties inherent in pioneering trial and error.

(4) See if you qualify to become a Dealer.

Your entire investment will be used for equipment and operating capital - no franchise fees or royalties.  Learn more about how, after training, a dealership can provide a secure future for yourself and your family with the lifestyle and satisfaction of independent business ownership.

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